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Discover the iconic comedy character, Papa Pie, in this special video archive compilation. Enjoy 32 side-splitting skits featuring Papa Pie and friends, cleverly blending humor with valuable life lessons, disguised as motivation for all Haitians. These timeless videos were adored by people from all walks of life, from every social class in Haiti, during their original broadcasts on Television National D'Haiti. Join us in preserving this cultural treasure and keeping the memories alive for future generations. We've gathered these 32 classic Papa Pie videos into one convenient folder for the enjoyment and archival purposes of our fellow compatriots. Don't miss this chance to relive the magic of Papa Pie's comedy!

1) Bon Voyage

2) Esperyans Granmoun

3)  Pemanant Dola

4) Bon n Fet TNH

5) Un Jour Pour Papa Piè

6) Nan Inpotans Dokte

7) Bos Macel Karateka

8) Changeman Ce La Vie

9) Dubreus

10) Gracie Ak Macel Ak Fe Konkou Manje

11) Ti Mari Bel Gazele

12) Yo Pran Metsine Sou Kont Pintad Mawon

13) Misye Gracie

14) Koken Leve

15) Marcel Pa Gen Kay

17) Bon Voyage Part # 1

18) Bon Voyage Part # 2

19) Nan Leson

20) Kalot Ranmase Marcel

21) Marcel Ak Kominye

22) Marcel Batay Ak Met Minuit

23) Marcel Malade

24) Misye Marcel

25) Serenad

26) Ti Cazeau Bat Frederique

27) Noel

28) Fly People

29) Bel Estera

30) Nan Inpotans Dokte

31) Min M'Amou

32) Vakans

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There are 32 Episodes in This video archive compilation



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