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"Legacy Unearthed: The Haitian National Soccer Team Chronicles"

Description: Dive into the rich history of the Haitian National Soccer Team with this exclusive compilation featuring 20 video files capturing intense clashes against Caribbean rivals and the unforgettable 1974 World Cup showdown against Italy. This treasure trove is a goldmine for soccer fanatics, offering a front-row seat to the team's triumphs and challenges. From thrilling victories to hard-fought battles, witness the evolution of Haitian soccer prowess. This archive not only caters to the present fervor but also stands as a timeless legacy for future generations, preserving the spirit and passion of Haitian football for years to come.

1) Racing vs Victory

2) Haiti vs Salvador

3) Haiti vs Puerto rico

4) Haiti vs Mexico 1981

5) Haiti vs Columbie

6) Haiti vs St. Lucie

7) Haiti vs Dominique

8) Haiti vs Grenade

9) Haiti vs Bahamas

10) Haiti vs Aruba

11) Haiti vs Cuba 1976

12) Haiti vs Ecuador 2002

13) Haiti vs USA

14) Haiti vs Peru 1997

15) Haiti vs Martinique

16) Haiti vs Venezuela

17) Haiti vs Italy 1974

18) Haiti vs St Domingue

19 Football Feminine vs USA 1991

20) Football Gayé Nan Gonaives

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